Quality assurance

Project / Quality Assurance (QA) is a supportive task that should be part of every professional project. Depending on project type and size the goals of project assurance / quality assurance vary, but most of the times the key is in identification of project risks and suggesting mitigating controls to the project management. Our consultant are all very experienced in this field and they know the pitfalls of projects from start to finish, helping project management to avoid them. Their audit background (financial, operational or information technology) garantuees a clear and analytical approach. Combined with outstanding communication skills, spoken and written, they truly deliver added value. Common tasks for QA consultants during a project are:

  • Review any (set of) Project Initiation Document / Plan of approach.
  • Risk analysis, review of internal risk management processes
  • Analysis of planning, identification of milestones and proper staffing during the project
  • Review of (IT-) contracts in a business sensible way (‘do we get value for money’? Is this a win-win contract?).
  • Conduct IT- audits on test plans and/or test reports
  • ┬áIT Security audits * Periodic health check in ongoing projects.
  • Analysis of evaluation / acceptance criteria of deliverables
  • Etc