Cyber Security

Every organization has its own palette of relevant risks and accepted level of cyber security. In addition, organizations differ in their compliance needs, depending on their operations in a financial sector, healthcare, education, telecommunication, government, etcetera.

However, not every organization has the in-house knowledge to create a clear view of the level of efforts and investments needed to reach an optimum position between acceptable risk and necessary cyber security measure.

This requires experience in assessing not only the current level of cyber security, and the desired end state, but also a clear insight in how to find the optimum balance between security (and it’s cost level) and acceptable risk.

To achieve the intended balance in cyber security, it is important to have a clear strategy, including defined guiding principles. These will set priorities, focus areas, and identify where the organization needs to make choices and agree on tactics to be followed.

Having a temporary support could be a cost-effective way forward in the cyber security field. This is where FIN2ITion specialists could step in to support in the journey. Our consultants and IT architects blend business experience combined with in-depth knowledge of how to get compliant within the frameworks that are relevant for your sector of operations. The technical and organizational insights they bring, will deliver pragmatic answers to your cyber security challenges.