Frequently Asked Questions

– Is FIN2ITion part of a bigger organization?
No, FIN2ITion is a private company, all shares are held by the founder of FIN2ITion.

– Does FIN2ITion have a system of quality assurance?
FIN2ITion has an formal internal quality assurance which is a mandatory guideline for all employees and project contractors. FIN2ITion is periodically reviewed by the NOREA, the Dutch organization of certified IT auditors (last review was in 2019) and most employees and project contractors are certifiied IT auditors with an obligation to abide the Code of Ethics of both NOREA and ISACA.

– What are the FIN2ITion rates?
Depending on the type and duration of an assignment and contract terms the FIN2ITion rates are highly competitive, which can be on a time and material basis or on a fixed fee basis. With this flexibility we will always be able to offer a solution within your budget.