CISO as a Service

The Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) is the focal point in any organisation when it comes to protecting the valuable data that flows through the organisation. This very broad role requires both strategic and management skills to support business goals as well as a good understanding of today’s technical developments and how to use them to the organisation’s advantage in protecting the core information assets.

In a globally connected society, cyber security is a top priority for many businesses and organizations. Corporations are not only working to protect themselves, their staff, and their customers from a variety of hazards and criminal threats but are also concerned about the integrity and availability of their information systems.

The role of a CISO has extended and has changed. It is increasingly hard get one person and keep them connected to the organisation, who has the breath of exposure and knowledge to bring together and react to:

  • Threats and countermeasures given the constant evolution, as this has become diverse and complex- in technology, people, and process
  • Compliance needs as compliance and privacy are complex and evolving
  • Cross border issues, where multinational compliance requirements and internal operating standards can interfere, while relying on a stable provisioning of IT services.

There is an alternative to seeking the needle in the haystack and going for that ‘perfect fit’ CISO. Using a “CISO as a Service” approach will support your organisation in reaching its cyber security goals while not relying on the knowledge and experience of only one person. Let FIN2ITion support you on this important role.

It will give you a single access point for your organisation to a balanced network of cyber security specialists with a global reach, offering our services anywhere, focusing on Europe, the UK & USA. While knowledgeable in all key domains, in a rounded way, we know:

  • Security domains including areas we commonly see very quick changes   – Cloud, End User Computing, and Identity
  • Frameworks and compliance standards, and can make it work in practice like CobIT, ISO 27K, PCI-DSS as well as country (Dutch) specific frameworks like BIO, ROSA, NEN7510 etc.
  • Privacy (GDPR)– Certified to the highest level by the International Association of Privacy Professionals.
  • Technology – Our core team holds over 40 technical certifications as well as over 30 security, architecture, and framework certifications.

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