Enterprise (Security) Architecture

Cyber Security risk factors and threats are constantly evolving. New emerging technologies and possibilities, e.g., the Internet of Things, change a lot about how organizations operate, impact their focus and their goals. But how do you get a clear understanding of business objectives and ensure supporting them by implementing proper controls that can be simply justified for stakeholders?

Enterprise Security Architecture could be the answer. Our Enterprise Security Architecture as-a-Service supports organizations that cannot afford a permanent staff of Enterprise Architects, but still want to benefit from Enterprise Architecture efforts. We deliver a support model that is:

  • Flexible: we offer scope planning services to fit the customers need
    • Architecture Expectation Development Service
    • Concept Evaluation Service
  • Accessible: we offer the buy-in/collaboration service to ensure the right people are engaged
    • Architecture Workshop Facilitation Services, e.g. Threat modelling.
    • Tradeoff and Risk management Services
    • Architecture vision Creation Services, e.g. alignment to business roadmaps.
  • Modular: focusing on adaptability without need for a complete platform overhaul
    • Capability roadmaps Support Service
    • Architecture Inventory Service